A Riveting New Experience

Well, here it is. I finally decided to give into the drastically overwhelming urge to follow suit with the rest of the community and make a blog dedicated to Kemeticism.

I guess this is where I make the dreaded ‘about me’ paragraph that is almost obligatory. I’m Beck, a student who has loved Egypt since a very young age. I’ve been enamored with the culture for a fair portion of my life, and plan to eventually get a graduate degree in Egyptology when I am able to financially support it. I like writing in my spare time, and often compose poems rather than works of fiction or non-fiction. I’m an auditory learner, and my favourite color is blue.

I’m considerably younger than pretty much every blogger in the community who I am familiar with, which is a startling fact when I step back and view it. However, I completely plan on not letting that throw me back in any way, shape, or form. My studies are, I would hope, just as valid.

I’m hoping that this blog turns out to be a spot for my thoughts, as well as an individualized resource. I’d look forward to long winded rants, and a smattering of spells, chants, and other such things that may come my way that I wish to share.

Thank you for reading!


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